5th Gen

5th Gen...Sounds like my son is talking about the latest ipod right?  I am the Chef De Cuisine, at least in my own mind!  I love to cook, create and expand my knowledge of food, nutrition, combinations and techniques. 

The 4th generation, training the 5th generation, since my "Greatest Grandma P" starting teaching me in the kitchen.  She is the inspiration to my cooking and hospitality...that is one thing I know for sure.  As well- as that famous Chicken Chow Mein she taught me how to make that is a future recipe post.

I am so happy you have stopped by Saved by the Egg Timer and I hope you enjoy what I have shared.   I currently also have a website for HCG Dieter Recipes called Phases To Forever.   Feel free to navigate to that site as well.

Questions or want to say hello?  You may find me at savedbytheeggtimer(at)gmail.com.