My Favorite and My Best

This is the place to honor all of "My Favorite and My Best"- in an English accent...  This will be a place for the top, for the best, for my favorites, for all time all star recipes that have been awarded by me and my family.  Trust me, I have very tough critics! 

Homemade Seasoned Salt- a copy cat recipe but a great one!

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins-  My Big Guy loves these!

Beurre Noisette Brownies (Browned Butter Brownies)- These should come with a warning label: Chocolate Addicts- be prepared to consume entire pan.

Here is the episode of Charlie and Lola that inspired this page- in my house, we always say "It is my favorite and my best" if we really like something...all beacuase of this cute book and show.