Pizza Burgers

Don't you love to be busy?  What would you be doing if you weren't?  We would all be sitting around hoping for something to do, that's what.  Even though it makes life hairy at times, frantic or just plain crazy.  Being busy is a great thing. 

To get you through the busy week here is a tasty, fast and easy weeknight meal.  Big hit throughout the dinner table.  Second helpings and thumbs up all around.  This is a meal that could easily go in the right or wrong direction and is why I have a passion for quality of ingredients.  Using naturally raised, nitrate free pork ensures your meat is not highly processed and loaded with harmful ingredients.  Chose a pizza sauce with no added sugars or corn syrups.  The cheese is a great way to provide calcium and healthy fats to your brain and skin.  Using real butter and no fake stuff here will add immune boosting healthy fats too!  And we all know that garlic is good for you and your *breath*.

Note:  This would be excellent on the grill!

Pizza Burgers
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2 pound ground Italian sausage, natural raised and nitrate free
8 ciabiatta or sourdough buns
1 C Muir Glen pizza sauce
8 slices mozzarella
½ C parmesan
3 TB unsalted butter
½ tsp garlic powder

1. Patty up the Italian sausage into ½ cup size burgers.

2. Cook patties over medium heat, 10 minute each side until golden crust on outside and no longer pink in the center.

3. Butter buns and sprinkle with garlic powder, layer each side of bun with 1 tablespoon pizza sauce, top one side with 1 tablespoon shredded parmesan, one side with a slice of mozzarella.

4. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper. Broil buns a few minutes until cheese is bubbled and browned. Remove, add cooked sausage burgers and enjoy!

Today's recipes where brought to you by, inspired or adapted from:  Saved by the Egg Timer: Original

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  1. These look AMAZING! I would LOVE it if you shared this recipe with us at Cast Party Wednesday tomorrow!

    I hope to see you there!

  2. What a delicious recipe! Thanks for sharing it!


  3. Oh Natasha - these sound (and look!) so good. I really like how you broiled the buns and melted the cheese. Yum!

  4. Hi Natasha! I have such a WEIRD story for you... lol. But first of all, thank you for sharing this recipe! It sounds delicious. Now to how I found your blog...

    So, I am a regular reader of, and have been looking for ways to cook traditional Vietnamese food. So I searched "Vietnamese" on her blog, and saw your comment on the white rice vs. brown rice blog entry:

    "Natasha @ Saved by the Egg Timer November 24, 2010 at 3:49 am -- This is interesting and very good news for me, my husband is Vietnamese so making jasmine rice is an everyday thing for us. I also love basmati when making anything mexican but, too always tried to use brown."

    Well, because I am also married to a Vietnamese man, I thought I would check out your blog. And wow, it just got WEIRDER. I have been trying to start a blog and just CANNOT come up with a logo idea. But I have this little adorable chicken timer that I drew a few different ways and thought about making my logo... and then I came to your blog and realized that you have the EXACT same chicken timer! And I bought mine in Japan where my husband and I are stationed so I didn't even know you could get them elsewhere. Weird...

    I broke mine though, a while back, but couldn't throw it out because it's too cute. Seriously. A $1-ish timer. How sad is that?

    Anyway, I'm Renee, and it's nice to "meet" you! Haha.